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SciPy 2007 Sprints

Please list any topics of interest for the Sprints scheduled for Saturday, August 18th, 2007.

Some ideas:

clean-up of (almost) duplicates

Some modules (e.g. the scipy.stats and numpy.random modules) contain largely similar functionality, with some differences. The idea would be to unite these modules into 1, with the combined functionality, and only one way to call the methods.

docstrings (a documentation sprint)

The idea here would be that the code is well-developed, but docstrings are lagging. So a sprint effort might be much better for the average user than a coding sprint.

A biology/sequence birds-of-a-feather

See SciPy2007/BoFs.

Software Carpentry Sprint

Software Carpentry provides free, fully deployable instructional material for teaching best programming practices to scientists and engineers. This sprint will enhance, augment, and fix various errata the existing materials. Namely, we will integrate original material created by Titus Brown, Chris Lasher, and Rick Wagner and address questions on how to deploy Software Carpentry in organizations and educational institutions. -- ChrisLasher 2007-07-19 20:40:37

Stats Sprint

Cleanup of scipy.stats and friends.

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