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The SciPy 2007 Conference was a tremendous success. Many thanks to the nice folks at Caltech for hosting us again this year.

Please follow the links below to view various artifacts from the Conference.

SciPy 2007 Conference


Python for Scientific Computing

Caltech, Pasadena, CA


August 14-15, 2007


August 16-17, 2007


August 18, 2007

This conference provides a unique opportunity to learn and affect what is happening in the realm of scientific computing with Python. Attendees will have the opportunity to review the available tools and how they apply to specific problems. By providing a forum for developers to share their Python expertise with the wider commercial, academic, and research communities, this conference fosters collaboration and facilitates the sharing of software components, techniques and a vision for high level language use in scientific computing. For a little more background on what happens at a SciPy Conference, please see "WhatsThisConferenceLike?"

++ Note: Tutorial registrations have reached our room capacity, so new registration has been closed for tutorials (7/20/07). There will be a room provided as a sprint/work area during the tutorial days for those who have not yet registered, but want to show up those days and make use of the time during tutorials for sprinting.



Online Registration is now available. Early registration for the conference is $150.00. Tutorials are $75.00.

**Update: Early registration has been extended through Wednesday July 18, 2007. After July 18, the registration fee will increase to $200.00, so register early at the registration page hosted by Enthought.

Meals (bagels/muffins, lunch and snacks) will be provided for the tutorial days. Breakfast, lunch and snacks Thursday & Friday and a very nice dinner Thursday night are provided for all registrants.

Some helpful links:

Student Sponsorship

Enthought, Inc. is sponsoring the registration fees for up to 5 college or graduate students to attend the conference. To apply, please send a short description of what you are studying and why you'd like to attend to Please include telephone contact information.



The Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR, CalTech, Pasadena, CA)

CACR is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the field of high-performance computing, communication, and data engineering. Major activities include carrying out large-scale scientific and engineering applications on parallel supercomputers and coordinating collaborative research projects on high-speed network technologies, distributed computing and database methodologies, and related topics. Our goal is to help further the state of the art in scientific computing.


Enthought, Inc. (Austin, TX)

Enthought, Inc. provides scientific computing solutions through software development, consulting and training.

Please email travis at enthought dot com if you have any questions about the conference.

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