Result classes#

RelativeRiskResult(relative_risk, ...)

Result of scipy.stats.contingency.relative_risk.

BinomTestResult(k, n, alternative, ...)

Result of scipy.stats.binomtest.

TukeyHSDResult(statistic, pvalue, _nobs, ...)

Result of scipy.stats.tukey_hsd.

DunnettResult(statistic, pvalue)

PearsonRResult(statistic, pvalue, **extra_fields)

Result of scipy.stats.pearsonr

FitResult(dist, data, discrete, res)

Result of fitting a discrete or continuous distribution to data

OddsRatioResult(_table, _kind, statistic)

Result of scipy.stats.contingency.odds_ratio.

TtestResult(statistic, pvalue, **extra_fields)

Result of a t-test.

ECDFResult(x, cdf, sf, n, d)

Result object returned by scipy.stats.ecdf

EmpiricalDistributionFunction(x, points, n, ...)

An empirical distribution function produced by scipy.stats.ecdf