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Tutorial Day 1 Notes

by David Shupe

SciPy 2007

Tutorial, Fernando Perez and Brian Granger, 14 Aug 

Resources page; Py4Science repository (F. Perez and J. Hunter), lots of
STScI tutorial has been updated for numpy!

I've started with
Python 2.4.1
numpy 1.0.1
IPython 0.8.1
matplotlib 0.90.1
SciPy 0.5.2

Had to install from Fernando's tarballs
zope interface in Twisted subdirectory
Twisted 2.5.0 from tarball 
setuptools from tarball
ipython1 from tarball


%rundemo demo1_basic

logstart -o -r -t

,concat Ladies Gentlemen # automatically quotes the arguments

%run is the most important command in IPython!

[I can't run qt4 because no PyQt4 installed --]
[have to install SIP and PyQt4]

Break - moved to Beckman Institute Auditorium!!

Fernando continues...

wallis example

qsort exercise (we filled in code ourselves!)

schrod_fdtd nice example in examples directory

Brian Granger

Serial example of "wordfreq" : run wordfreq, print_wordfreq(freq)

Startup scripts
      Used to start the Controller
      The Controller listens on a number of ports and must be
         started first
      Used to start a single Engine after the Controller is running
      This script can be started using mpirun
      Starts on Controller and N Engines on localhost or an ssh-based

Within IPython:
import ipython1.kernel.api as kernel
ipc = kernel.RemoteController(('', 10105))


autopx # Auto Parallel -- for e.g. defining fcns on all engines

px print b


# Fernando tip: _26 returns result of computation #26 in IPython

ipc['b'] = 10  # shorthand for push
ipc['b']       # shorthand for pull


import numpy

ipc.scatterAll('a',a)  # Divides up the sequence 
px import time
px time.sleep(3) # takes 3 sec on controlling ipython session

ipc.block = False

ipc.execute('time.sleep(5)')  # Returns instantly, a pendingResult object

pr = _
pr.getResult()  #same as pr.r  # Parallelized verion of Python's builtin map

Another interface - Task Controller - does some load balancing

Back to Fernando: Iterators

Numpy iterators - there's a chapter in a book, on how Travis did it for numpy.

Python cookbook: n-way mergesort

In IPython: run

Back to Brian: 
MPI - can use mpi-2-py(?) in IPython

More examples - link on Fernando's resource page

Intro to the TaskController
 Dynamically load-balanced, fault-tolerant task farming using the engines.
  Controller = task master, engines = workers.
  More powerful but less general than the RemoteController interface.
  Details of specific engines are hidden.
  RemoteController and TaskController interfaces can be used together
   at the same time to great effect.

Example: mcdriver, mcpricer  Monte-Carlo options pricer in parallel

# Can add or kill engines on the fly!! (didn't quite work when I tried it)

plot_options(K_vals, sigma_vals, vp) # vanilla put
plot_options(K_vals, sigma_vals, vc) # vanilla call

Warning! Have to think about how to parallelize your arrays.  Can easily
make parallel version slower than serial version.  If you're pushing and
pulling large arrays, it will be slower.

Fernando: This is an open-source effort!  Help needed.  If this is useful
for your work, then please do participate and contribute.

IPython has 4-5 steady developers and a few occasional contributors.
Numpy has maybe 10 active.  Same for SciPy.  Matplotlib has 5-6
steady developers.  

Titus Brown: Idiommatic Python
(need to get a handout)

Iterators, enumerate
for i, item in enumerate(z):
   print i, item

Python cookbook: recommended!  explore corners of Python.

Remember __getattr__ to find out about all special methods.

Modules vs. scripts:
put in a '-' into script names because it can't be imported!
PEP-8 suggests keeping module names to one word.

Titus likes to use packages to organize files, not symbols.  Better
to keep all symbols at top-level as in Python stdlib.

PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code



_my_variable (private)

How modules are loaded (and when code is executed)

Easy Install
Part of setuptools (which I had to install for ipython1)
See the "easy_install" command

(coffee break)


"any" and "all" in Python 2.5

Exceptions and exception hierarchies

Function decorators

subprocess replaces os.system, os.popen, os.popen2....

Audience suggestion: pexpect module (pipes don't get full)

Unit test: should only work with code, not the filesystem or the database.
Tests should emit no output when they succeed.

doctest allows tests to be embedded inside docstrings or elsewhere in file.

Titus's document is written in Restructured Text

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