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Defines a multi-dimensional array and useful procedures for Numerical computation.


array:NumPy Array construction
zeros:Return an array of all zeros
empty:Return an unitialized array
shape:Return shape of sequence or array
rank:Return number of dimensions
size:Return number of elements in entire array or a certain dimension
fromstring:Construct array from (byte) string
take:Select sub-arrays using sequence of indices
put:Set sub-arrays using sequence of 1-D indices
putmask:Set portion of arrays using a mask
reshape:Return array with new shape
repeat:Repeat elements of array
choose:Construct new array from indexed array tuple
correlate:Correlate two 1-d arrays
searchsorted:Search for element in 1-d array
sum:Total sum over a specified dimension
average:Average, possibly weighted, over axis or array.
cumsum:Cumulative sum over a specified dimension
product:Total product over a specified dimension
cumproduct:Cumulative product over a specified dimension
alltrue:Logical and over an entire axis
sometrue:Logical or over an entire axis
allclose:Tests if sequences are essentially equal

More Functions:

arange:Return regularly spaced array
asarray:Guarantee NumPy array
convolve:Convolve two 1-d arrays
swapaxes:Exchange axes
concatenate:Join arrays together
transpose:Permute axes
sort:Sort elements of array
argsort:Indices of sorted array
argmax:Index of largest value
argmin:Index of smallest value
inner:Innerproduct of two arrays
dot:Dot product (matrix multiplication)
outer:Outerproduct of two arrays
resize:Return array with arbitrary new shape
indices:Tuple of indices
fromfunction:Construct array from universal function
diagonal:Return diagonal array
trace:Trace of array
dump:Dump array to file object (pickle)
dumps:Return pickled string representing data
load:Return array stored in file object
loads:Return array from pickled string
ravel:Return array as 1-D
nonzero:Indices of nonzero elements for 1-D array
shape:Shape of array
where:Construct array from binary result
compress:Elements of array where condition is true
clip:Clip array between two values
ones:Array of all ones
identity:2-D identity array (matrix)

(Universal) Math Functions

add                    logical_or             exp
subtract               logical_xor            log
multiply               logical_not            log10
divide                 maximum                sin
divide_safe            minimum                sinh
conjugate              bitwise_and            sqrt
power                  bitwise_or             tan
absolute               bitwise_xor            tanh
negative               invert                 ceil
greater                left_shift             fabs
greater_equal          right_shift            floor
less                   arccos                 arctan2
less_equal             arcsin                 fmod
equal                  arctan                 hypot
not_equal              cos                    around
logical_and            cosh                   sign
arccosh                arcsinh                arctanh

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