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  1. An array object of arbitrary homogeneous items
  2. Fast mathematical operations over arrays
  3. Linear Algebra, Fourier Transforms, Random Number Generation

Documentation is available in the docstrings and at

Available subpackages

core:Defines a multi-dimensional array and useful procedures for Numerical computation.
lib:Basic functions used by several sub-packages and useful to have in the main name-space.
random:Core Random Tools
linalg:Core Linear Algebra Tools
fft:Core FFT routines
testing:Numpy testing tools

These packages require explicit import

f2py:Fortran to Python Interface Generator.
distutils:Enhancements to distutils with support for Fortran compilers support and more.

Global symbols from subpackages

core:use numpy.* not numpy.core.*
lib:use numpy.* not numpy.lib.*

Utility tools

test:Run numpy unittests
pkgload:Load numpy packages
show_config:Show numpy build configuration
dual:Overwrite certain functions with high-performance Scipy tools
matlib:Make everything matrices.
__version__:Numpy version string

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