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Title: Interactive documents with IPython

Authors: Robert Kern(*), Toni Alatalo, Tzanko Matev and Fernando Perez.

Abstract: As part of Google's Summer of Code project, two students received funding to work on extending IPython to support interactive documents which combine text, code and graphics. This kind of system is well known to users of environments such as Mathematica (TM) or Maple (TM), and is invaluable when exploring complex scientific problems. It allows one to maintain a cohesive narrative which binds together data, results, experiments and notes, in a way that comments embedded inside regular code can only do poorly. Such documents are also an excellent way to distribute tutorials or to package a set of research data and results for others to evaluate, verify and extend.

This is a new project, so at this point there is still much to develop. We will present the current status and future directions, hoping not only to bring a new useful tool to the community, but to also recruit new developers.

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