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Mailing lists

The mailing lists are our primary community FORUM. This is where we organize projects, announce new releases, plan future directions, and give and receive user support.

Searching a list is a great way to get your questions answered without actually signing up for a list. Follow the Read/Search link for a nice interface from Gmane. Or, browse the olde fashioned way at the official Archives link.

To post to a list, you have to be on it. If you want to see how much traffic a list gets, there is a chart on the Gmane page, or just go to the list archive and take a look. You can opt to receive messages in digest form. Groups of about 10 messages are sent in one email, with a table of contents at the top. This reduces inbox clutter, but means you will get the messages with a delay of up to a day. It is OK to post job ads for work involving numpy/scipy and related packages if you put [JOB] in the subject.

We also have read-only mailing lists setup for NumPy and SciPy to receive notifications of all SVN checkins and Trac ticket changes.


There is also a scipy channel on

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