scipy.linalg.lapack.zgesvx(a, b[, fact, trans, af, ipiv, equed, r, c, overwrite_a, overwrite_b]) = <fortran function zgesvx>#

Wrapper for zgesvx.

ainput rank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n)
binput rank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,nrhs)
asrank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n) and a storage
lurank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n) and af storage
ipivrank-1 array(‘i’) with bounds (n)
rsrank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (n) and r storage
csrank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (n) and c storage
bsrank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,nrhs) and b storage
xrank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,nrhs)
ferrrank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (nrhs)
berrrank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (nrhs)
Other Parameters:
factinput bytes, optional

Default: ‘E’

transinput bytes, optional

Default: ‘N’

overwrite_ainput int, optional

Default: 0

afinput rank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n)
ipivinput rank-1 array(‘i’) with bounds (n)
equedinput bytes, optional

Default: ‘B’

rinput rank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (n)
cinput rank-1 array(‘d’) with bounds (n)
overwrite_binput int, optional

Default: 0