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Here's a test of various features Andrew Straw thinks we should install on this wiki. For more information, see


Turn on AttachFile

We need to be able to attach files, if only to display graphics! needs to include (at least)

allowed_actions = ['AttachFile']


SectionParser (download here]) can be used to make sidebars and figures with captions. We really want it.

= This is the header =
 * This is content in a sidebar. (Or at least it will be one day. Hopefully.)

sinorca4moin theme

This is a really snazzy theme.

Allows images also to be links. Useful.

MacroMarket/ImageLink (download here)

Added the following to intermap.txt (in share/moin/data):

# SciPy and friends Trac repositories

The following will then work: ipython IpythonTrac:ticket/37 or scipy_core SciPyCoreTrac:changeset/1481

Turn on ReStructuredText

It would be nice to support ReStructuredText (ReST or rst) in addition to the default wiki format. Apparently, this requires docutils to be installed. See this page for more information.

Test of rst:

This is a very simple example. If you see two asterisks around the word "very" in the previous sentence, then the module docutils is improperly installed (or not installed at all). When the module docutils is there, the word is displayed in italics and this whole block of text is not displayed in a special source-code-like format, but like a normal part of the page.

Access control

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