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Generating PDF documentation is a very simple script that can generate documentation (in PDF format) from docstrings of !NumPy/!SciPy modules using pdfLaTeX.

It depends on pyparsing ( by Paul McGuire.

There is no installation, just run the script. Title page templates are in 'pages' directory.

Run './ --help' to see options.

Download: gendocs-00.00.02.tar.gz


Tested with

./ -m 'numpy.lib.arraysetops'
./ -m 'scipy.linsolve.umfpack'

- look at the documentation of those modules (SVN version) to see the necessary formatting. The file in scipy/linsolve/umfpack/ was updated recently - revision 3601 of SciPy or later is needed for the second example to work.

Note: previous version (00.00.01) does not work properly on Python 2.3 (trivial bug).


Example outputs:

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