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SciPy Server Reorganization

Please comment on these ideas. If you have others, please add them.

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Prioritized List of Problems

These are some of the biggest problems that need to be addressed to meet the goals.

  1. httpd stops responding spontaneously.
  2. server load average is frequently too high.
  3. setting up new projects with virtualmin breaks the system.
  4. SSL is only available for one virtual host for SVN.
  5. People have to maintain different passwords for different projects, trac, moin, and svn.


Unified logins for Trac, Subversion, Moin, etc.

When merging the password files, we will encounter multiple passwords for many usernames. I propose the following hierarchy for determining which password to use:

  1. Passwords currently in Enthought's LDAP system
  2. Scipy Trac
  3. Numpy Trac
  4. Enthought Trac
  5. Other Tracs in alphabetical order

Enable and require SSL for all logins

Use MySQL instead of SQLite for Trac

Replace Virtualmin

Trac improvements

Replace full service email with aliases and mailing lists

Unified logging to a separate server

Moin improvements

More hardware



I think the most time consuming will be writing the web based system for account management. I have written a python library to do some interaction with our LDAP server. I would appreciate help designing and writing the web interface.

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