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numpy.doc Page Topics

  • NumPy glossary
  • Array Creation
  • Array types and conversion
  • Operations between arrays of different dimensionality ("broadcasting") and other dimension matching issues
  • selecting subarrays ("slicing")
  • Index arrays (using lists of indices to select subsets of arrays)
  • Mask indexing (using a boolean mask to select subsets of arrays)
  • General capabilities of element-by-element functions ("ufuncs")
  • Record arrays [perhaps with a better name]
  • Finding the appropriate function or module [perhaps addressed elsewhere]
  • The zen of arrays [by far, the most under-appreciated issue for new users imho]
  • Optimizing performance [related to zen, pointers to extension stuff, etc as well]
  • How to do I/O with arrays
  • IDL mapping [good to have in the help system I suspect]
  • Matlab mapping [likewise]
  • Array methods vs functions
  • Array attributes
  • Basic internal structure of arrays [includes copy vs view issues, index order (and when operations change memory and when they don't, and all that good stuff]
  • Logical operations on arrays

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