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This project aims at gathering attractive data sets from various fields and including them in a SciPy branch. The goal is to write examples and unit tests relying on those data sets, as well as provide new users the preformatted data necessary to try out SciPy without bothering with data collection and formatting.

Data Sets

Most of the data will reside in the data/ directory, outside of the trunk and tarballs to keep them light. Some small datasets will be included in the trunk for testing purposes.


Data set files should be named by their content, and the variables distinctly named. That is, the import statement should speak for itself:

from data import sunspots
print, sunspots.size, sunspots.duration

Attach data files here with a short description of the data, its meaning and provenance (to include in a README).


Example files should have a number followed by the function at the heart of the example ( If an example generates figures, they should follow a similar naming convention (fig01_1.png, fig01_2.png). Examples should be written so users can simply import them or run them from the console, with some kind of explanation of what is going on printed on screen. If a figure is created, it should be printed on screen. print 'Plotting figure fig01_2.png...'

Attach examples here.

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