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The Guide to NumPy gives detailed explanations (in particular see chapter 2.6.1, which is in the freely available sample chapters).

The strategy is to use a compatibility layer to convert Numeric code. The script found in site-packages/numpy/oldnumeric/ converts code written for Numeric to run with numpy using the compatibility layer.

You can convert an entire tree of .py, .h, and .c files from Numeric to use numpy by running

import numpy.oldnumeric.alter_code1 as noa


Be sure to have a back-up as this will overwrite all files in the directory with any changes. The detailed changes are found in

Typechar changes













Differing behaviour between Numeric and numpy

Length of scalar array

In Numeric the lenght of a scalar is 1:

>>> len(array(1))

In numpy a TypeError is raised:

>>> len(array(1))
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
TypeError: len() of unsized object

Array comparison

* Cannot use if arr1 == arr2: ....

* assert(arr1==arr2) won't work. Use assert_equal(arr1, arr2) instead.


* with numpy arr.resize(...) returns None.

* Instead of ones(..., typecode=Float), use ones(..., Float) or ones(..., dtype=Float).

* Mixed operations with arrays scalars no longer up-cast the result if the scalar has higher precision. Arrays always control the output precision in array/scalar operations.

Differing behaviour between old scipy and numpy

* The square root of negative numbers is not defined. In old scipy the complex result was returned. You can get the extended behavior by explicitly importing the functions from numpy.lib.scimath

* The arccosine no longer gives an exception when called with an invalid argument (i.e. arccos(1.3)) but returns nan.

Extension module Changes

For simple extension modules just replacing Numeric/arrayobject.h with numpy/arrayobject.h should work. The CAPI of NumPy is backward compatible with the exposed API of Numeric.

There are a few non-standard Numeric usages (that were not really part of the API) that will need to be changed:

The header files arrayobject.h and ufuncobject.h contain many defines that you may find useful. The files ufunc_api.h and multiarray_api.h contain the available C-API function calls with their function signatures.

All of these headers are installed to the directory returned by numpy.get_include(). This directory is included in the list of include directories automatically if you are using numpy.distutils to create your extension module.

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