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Brian Napoletano is presently a PhD Student at Purdue University in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. He is working with Dr. Bryan Pijanowski in the Human and Environment Modeling and Analysis (HEMA) laboratory on the collection, analysis and interpretation of acoustic signals as measurable aspects of ecosystem processes. His research foci include the investigation of anthropogenic sounds as biological stressors, the development of a species-richness sensor network through the automated recording, identification and logging of specific vocalizations and the measure of the changes in acoustic signal groups (e.g. biological signals) over multiple temporal scales. In addition to these novel research topics, Brian is being trained in remote sensing and GIS techniques, as well as ecological modelling approaches, through his work with Dr. Pijanowski and his academic coursework. Eventually, Brian hopes to develop the methods to tie ecological acoustics into landscape-level processes and use the high data density of sound studies to develop robust models of ecosystem functioning.

Prior to studying at Purdue University, Brian worked with Dr. Stuart Gage at Michigan State University as both an Undergraduate and Master’s level research assistant on the development of a conceptual and methodological framework with which to interpret acoustic signals in the environment. Brian began these studies with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication, and proceeded to integrate this knowledge of Information Technology Systems into the development of biological monitoring systems (centred on acoustics) as the central focus of his Master’s research in the Department of Zoology.

In addition to research experience, Brian has sought experience in education. He served as an instructor and coordinator for the Introduction to Earth Systems Science course at Michigan State University in the Fall Semester of 2004, and he worked with Dr. John Dunning Jr. of Purdue University as a Teaching Assistant for the Global Environmental Issues course. Both courses target students with both science and non-science majors and challenge them to attempt to examine the Earth from a global interdisciplinary perspective. Recently, Brian worked with Dr. Walter Mills as an Assistant in an introductory-level GIS course and with Dr. Guofan Shao in a graduate-level Remote Sensing course. Brian hopes to eventually combine his teaching and research experience and expertise as a researcher and professor within the University community.

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