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General issues for an ASTRON-like library:

Literal translations of IDL procedures vs redesign (by literal translation we mean primarily a line-by-line translation of IDL code to corresponding Python functionality):

Regarding specific ASTRON categories:

Some components of the ASTRON library are better suited for literal translation than others. If we remove those categories that no longer seem relevant (non-Astronomy, databases, FITS, plotting) that leaves primarily:

The latter two are likely more suitable for direct translation. The second perhaps (though I wonder how this whole issue would be approached now given the widespread use of tools like SExtractor). The first probably could benefit from a new approach to the utilities. We haven't looked at the FITS astrometry utilities much yet to comment (though decoupling WCS from FITS would seem to be a good idea).

Anything missing from ASTRON that should be in "astropy"?

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