csc_array.astype(dtype, casting='unsafe', copy=True)[source]#

Cast the array/matrix elements to a specified type.

dtypestring or numpy dtype

Typecode or data-type to which to cast the data.

casting{‘no’, ‘equiv’, ‘safe’, ‘same_kind’, ‘unsafe’}, optional

Controls what kind of data casting may occur. Defaults to ‘unsafe’ for backwards compatibility. ‘no’ means the data types should not be cast at all. ‘equiv’ means only byte-order changes are allowed. ‘safe’ means only casts which can preserve values are allowed. ‘same_kind’ means only safe casts or casts within a kind, like float64 to float32, are allowed. ‘unsafe’ means any data conversions may be done.

copybool, optional

If copy is False, the result might share some memory with this array/matrix. If copy is True, it is guaranteed that the result and this array/matrix do not share any memory.