scipy.signal.vectorstrength(events, period)[source]#

Determine the vector strength of the events corresponding to the given period.

The vector strength is a measure of phase synchrony, how well the timing of the events is synchronized to a single period of a periodic signal.

If multiple periods are used, calculate the vector strength of each. This is called the “resonating vector strength”.

events1D array_like

An array of time points containing the timing of the events.

periodfloat or array_like

The period of the signal that the events should synchronize to. The period is in the same units as events. It can also be an array of periods, in which case the outputs are arrays of the same length.

strengthfloat or 1D array

The strength of the synchronization. 1.0 is perfect synchronization and 0.0 is no synchronization. If period is an array, this is also an array with each element containing the vector strength at the corresponding period.

phasefloat or array

The phase that the events are most strongly synchronized to in radians. If period is an array, this is also an array with each element containing the phase for the corresponding period.


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