scipy.linalg.lapack.zgegv(*args, **kwds)

zgegv is deprecated! The *gegv family of routines has been deprecated in LAPACK 3.6.0 in favor of the *ggev family of routines. The corresponding wrappers will be removed from SciPy in a future release.

alpha,beta,vl,vr,info = zgegv(a,b,[compute_vl,compute_vr,lwork,overwrite_a,overwrite_b])

Wrapper for zgegv.

ainput rank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n)
binput rank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (n,n)
alpharank-1 array(‘D’) with bounds (n)
betarank-1 array(‘D’) with bounds (n)
vlrank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (ldvl,n)
vrrank-2 array(‘D’) with bounds (ldvr,n)
Other Parameters
compute_vlinput int, optional

Default: 1

compute_vrinput int, optional

Default: 1

overwrite_ainput int, optional

Default: 0

overwrite_binput int, optional

Default: 0

lworkinput int, optional

Default: max(2*n,1)