SciPy 1.7.3 Release Notes#

SciPy 1.7.3 is a bug-fix release that provides binary wheels for MacOS arm64 with Python 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10. The MacOS arm64 wheels are only available for MacOS version 12.0 and greater, as explained in Issue 14688, linked below.


  • Anirudh Dagar

  • Ralf Gommers

  • Tyler Reddy

  • Pamphile Roy

  • Olivier Grisel

  • Isuru Fernando

A total of 6 people contributed to this release. People with a “+” by their names contributed a patch for the first time. This list of names is automatically generated, and may not be fully complete.

Issues closed for 1.7.3#

  • #13364: Segmentation fault on import of scipy.integrate on Apple M1 ARM…

  • #14688: BUG: ARPACK’s eigsh & OpenBLAS from Apple Silicon M1 (arm64)…

  • #14991: four CI failures on pre-release job

  • #15077: Remaining test failures for macOS arm64 wheel

  • #15081: BUG: Segmentation fault caused by scipy.stats.qmc.qmc.update_discrepancy

Pull requests for 1.7.3#

  • #14990: BLD: update pyproject.toml for Python 3.10 changes

  • #15086: BUG: out of bounds indexing in stats.qmc.update_discrepancy

  • #15090: MAINT: skip a few failing tests in `1.7.x` for macOS arm64