scipy.test = <scipy._lib._testutils.PytestTester object>[source]#

Run tests for this namespace

scipy.test() runs tests for all of SciPy, with the default settings. When used from a submodule (e.g., scipy.cluster.test(), only the tests for that namespace are run.

label{‘fast’, ‘full’}, optional

Whether to run only the fast tests, or also those marked as slow. Default is ‘fast’.

verboseint, optional

Test output verbosity. Default is 1.

extra_argvlist, optional

Arguments to pass through to Pytest.

doctestsbool, optional

Whether to run doctests or not. Default is False.

coveragebool, optional

Whether to run tests with code coverage measurements enabled. Default is False.

testslist of str, optional

List of module names to run tests for. By default, uses the module from which the test function is called.

parallelint, optional

Run tests in parallel with pytest-xdist, if number given is larger than 1. Default is 1.