scipy.spatial.distance_matrix(x, y, p=2, threshold=1000000)[source]#

Compute the distance matrix.

Returns the matrix of all pair-wise distances.

x(M, K) array_like

Matrix of M vectors in K dimensions.

y(N, K) array_like

Matrix of N vectors in K dimensions.

pfloat, 1 <= p <= infinity

Which Minkowski p-norm to use.

thresholdpositive int

If M * N * K > threshold, algorithm uses a Python loop instead of large temporary arrays.

result(M, N) ndarray

Matrix containing the distance from every vector in x to every vector in y.


>>> from scipy.spatial import distance_matrix
>>> distance_matrix([[0,0],[0,1]], [[1,0],[1,1]])
array([[ 1.        ,  1.41421356],
       [ 1.41421356,  1.        ]])