property ShortTimeFFT.fft_mode#

Mode of utilized FFT (‘twosided’, ‘centered’, ‘onesided’ or ‘onesided2X’).

It can have the following values:


Two-sided FFT, where values for the negative frequencies are in upper half of the array. Corresponds to fft.


Two-sided FFT with the values being ordered along monotonically increasing frequencies. Corresponds to applying fftshift to fft.


Calculates only values for non-negative frequency values. Corresponds to rfft.


Like onesided, but the non-zero frequencies are doubled if scaling is set to ‘magnitude’ or multiplied by sqrt(2) if set to ‘psd’. If scaling is None, setting fft_mode to onesided2X is not allowed. If the FFT length mfft is even, the last FFT value is not paired, and thus it is not scaled.

Note that onesided and onesided2X do not work for complex-valued signals or complex-valued windows. Furthermore, the frequency values can be obtained by reading the f property, and the number of samples by accessing the f_pts property.

See also


Width of the frequency bins of the STFT.


Frequencies values of the STFT.


Width of the frequency bins of the STFT.


True if a one-sided FFT is used.


Normalization applied to the window function


Class this property belongs to.