ShortTimeFFT.extent(n, axes_seq='tf', center_bins=False)[source]#

Return minimum and maximum values time-frequency values.

A tuple with four floats (t0, t1, f0, f1) for ‘tf’ and (f0, f1, t0, t1) for ‘ft’ is returned describing the corners of the time-frequency domain of the stft. That tuple can be passed to matplotlib.pyplot.imshow as a parameter with the same name.


Number of samples in input signal.

axes_seq{‘tf’, ‘ft’}

Return time extent first and then frequency extent or vice-versa.

center_bins: bool

If set (default False), the values of the time slots and frequency bins are moved from the side the middle. This is useful, when plotting the stft values as step functions, i.e., with no interpolation.

See also


Display data as an image.


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