LSQBivariateSpline.__call__(x, y, dx=0, dy=0, grid=True)[source]#

Evaluate the spline or its derivatives at given positions.

x, yarray_like

Input coordinates.

If grid is False, evaluate the spline at points (x[i], y[i]), i=0, ..., len(x)-1. Standard Numpy broadcasting is obeyed.

If grid is True: evaluate spline at the grid points defined by the coordinate arrays x, y. The arrays must be sorted to increasing order.

The ordering of axes is consistent with np.meshgrid(..., indexing="ij") and inconsistent with the default ordering np.meshgrid(..., indexing="xy").


Order of x-derivative

Added in version 0.14.0.


Order of y-derivative

Added in version 0.14.0.


Whether to evaluate the results on a grid spanned by the input arrays, or at points specified by the input arrays.

Added in version 0.14.0.


Suppose that we want to bilinearly interpolate an exponentially decaying function in 2 dimensions.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> from scipy.interpolate import RectBivariateSpline

We sample the function on a coarse grid. Note that the default indexing=”xy” of meshgrid would result in an unexpected (transposed) result after interpolation.

>>> xarr = np.linspace(-3, 3, 100)
>>> yarr = np.linspace(-3, 3, 100)
>>> xgrid, ygrid = np.meshgrid(xarr, yarr, indexing="ij")

The function to interpolate decays faster along one axis than the other.

>>> zdata = np.exp(-np.sqrt((xgrid / 2) ** 2 + ygrid**2))

Next we sample on a finer grid using interpolation (kx=ky=1 for bilinear).

>>> rbs = RectBivariateSpline(xarr, yarr, zdata, kx=1, ky=1)
>>> xarr_fine = np.linspace(-3, 3, 200)
>>> yarr_fine = np.linspace(-3, 3, 200)
>>> xgrid_fine, ygrid_fine = np.meshgrid(xarr_fine, yarr_fine, indexing="ij")
>>> zdata_interp = rbs(xgrid_fine, ygrid_fine, grid=False)

And check that the result agrees with the input by plotting both.

>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> fig = plt.figure()
>>> ax1 = fig.add_subplot(1, 2, 1, aspect="equal")
>>> ax2 = fig.add_subplot(1, 2, 2, aspect="equal")
>>> ax1.imshow(zdata)
>>> ax2.imshow(zdata_interp)